06 October 2010


I feel in the insanity that has been the previous year of moving back to California, being a full time student, getting engaged, moving in with someone after having been independent for so long, planning a wedding from 3000 miles away, having said wedding and beginning a new career after having not worked for over a year I have completely lost touch with my zen.

There's a reason I have identified with the idea of vagabond zen for so long.

One side of me is adventurous and wants to see and experience all of the cultures and lands of our great planet.

My other side though strives to maintain clarity, simplicity and peace.

My vagabond side is rarely ignored. It screams for attention. Loudly and clearly.

My zen side only gives sublte hints. So if I am not listening closely, I miss them. As I have been... for several months now.

My current goal, for the remainder of the year, is to really listen to and work with my zen.

I'm beginning with simplifying my distactions. Or really, removing my online distractions. The facebooks, tweets and endless blogs and what-nots that I have gotten overly involved with in the years past. I've cut ties with all of it. I'm going to still blog, but only here. Only be responsible to one place and do my best to do that well.

I've also cleared out my inbox. Or at least I'm in the works of such. It's gotten kind of overwhelming with all of the junk emails... I know at one point or another I've signed up for all this crap, but right now "unsubscribe" is my best friend.

I'm hoping all of this decluttering of my online life, will afford me more time to play in my real life. Enjoy time with my new husband, adventure in my new region, create crafty goodness with the little free time I seem to have now.

Hopefully my good intentions will bear fruit.

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