25 October 2009

did you know....

did you know that soy milk doesn't set up like cow's milk does when making instant pudding??
yeah.. neither did i.
so i have four cups of pumpkin soupy stuff in the fridge now.
i think i've watched 40 hours of hgtv in the past week.
i've been turning it on for background noise...
and next thing you know, i havent gotten a whole lot done...
but i know what the housing market is like in the destin, fl!
this last week of housesitting that is starting today
i have vowed not to turn the tv on, at all.
i have a mid term exam to take by tuesday...
i'd like to get next week's homework done this week..
so i can start the trip with a clean slate.
and i have misc packing/organizing to do still.
its very sunny and bright out today!
i look forward to taking izzy out for a hike...
and then spending an hour trying to get all bur things out of her fur when we get home. =)
time for a bagel and to get this motivation started!

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