15 July 2009

Tie-Dyes and Family...

my sister and her bf came by for lunch today..
up from boston.
it was nice to see her...
its nice to spend some time with someone
who is closer in age than my constant company.
i love my family, dont get me wrong
but i live with a 13 yo, a 64 yo and a 70 yo.
awesome, lovely people...
but sometimes i cant have the same convos i
can as with someone closer in age.
so anyway...
good to see my sister.

alex and i tie-dyed t-shirts this afternoon!
loved it!
if they come out well...
i will be doing it again and again!
i used to wear tie-dyes all the time.
but had never made my own before!
so much fun...
when they're finished
i'll take some pics and post them.

tonight we're going to have a campfire and make s'mores!
then alex and i are camping out in the backyard.
i love the country... =)

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