27 February 2016

Big Sur & Hearst Castle

Day One - Big Sur

Starting our drive down Coastal Route 1 into Big Sur

Bixby Bridge

Together at Bixby Bridge
Henry Miller Memorial Library on Route 1 in Big Sur

The Lizard King... or at least one of his West Coast minions

This is my glamour shot!  Bwahaha

McWay Waterfall

Together at McWay Waterfall

Elephant Seals on a beach in Big Sur

We arrived at the elephant seal beach just in time to enjoy their howls, watch them scoot around on the sand, and witness this breathtaking sunset!

Day Two - Hearst Castle

The "Equestrian" Entrance to Hearst Castle... I guess they didn't want our kind coming in the front door.  ;)

Outside edge of the Neptune Pool

One of several "Guest Houses" on the property

Hearst Castle

A statue in the Grand Room

The Dining Room.  Apparently, if you were a guest in the house it was okay to miss breakfast or lunch, but if you missed dinner with W. R. Hearst, he would have have your bags packed to leave the next day.   I also thought it was funny/strange that he used his mother's "camping" china in the dining room.  Funny that anyone has camping china and strange that the man could have had any china and he was content with the his mother's old china.

Sconce in the Dining Room

And here's a couple bonus videos of the elephant seals.. they were so stinkin' cute!  The first one is a young seal scooting across the sand.  The bottom is of a large, male elephant seal.  He is in the water and making noises.  Turn up the volume - the males make a deep noise, almost like a lion roaring!  {FYI - The other seals sound like they're women screaming and yelling at each other incoherently! haha...}

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