11 April 2015

Nevada {50 States of Yoga}

Wild Boar {left}, Venison {center}, Elk {right]
I arrived into Las Vegas, Nevada late on Easter.  Straight to my hotel, Luxor, I checked in and wandered down to Tender, their steak and seafood restaurant to treat myself to a Sunday dinner.  I love to try "new to me" foods. I ordered their appetizer, Big-Eye Tuna.  A sampling of raw tuna served on a seaweed radish salad with soy sauce.  The tuna was amazing.  Since having tried raw tuna for the first time in Maui last summer, I order it anytime I see it on a menu.  For dinner I had the Game Tasting Trio.  Venison Osso Buco, Rocky Mountain Elk Medallion and Wild Boar Rack Chop with Farro, Fig Chutney and Red Currant Venison Reduction.

The wild boar chop was a little tough and flavorless.  The elk medallion was juicy and delicious.  The venison osso buco was superb.  The flavors mingled perfectly and the venison melted in my mouth.  After dinner I went straight to my room and to bed.  Although I was in Vegas, I had to get up early in the morning and am one of those people who needs sleep, lots of sleep.  Besides, I was alone.  And Vegas isn't as fun without my husband with me!
Marcy is a dream. But wait, let me tell you first how I got up at 4:45 am to get to a 6:15 am yoga class. In Las Vegas. As I left the Luxor hotel, through the casino, there were still people up from the night before. Drinking. Drunk. Yelling at each other from 2 feet away. Because alcohol makes you hearing impaired. Anyway, I recalled my days of such activities and felt grateful that my life is full, without alcohol.
Sin City Yoga Studio
But back to yoga. Sin City Yoga is a small studio tucked back behind another small business on a side road. I admit I couldn't find it at first. We'll blame the wee hours of the morning. Marcy, she was our instructor. Such a warm, vibrant personality. But not the kind you'd like to run from at 6am. She began class by sharing oil, I think a lavender blend, in our palms. The flow of the class was smooth. A lot of hip work and transitions. I was surprised my wrists didn't hurt much this class, with as much time we were spending in down dog. Either Marcy moved us along at the right speed and didn't pause too long in wrist-unfriendly positions or my wrists are strengthening. I'm going to guess a little of both.
The beautiful, hand painted mural inside Sin City Yoga
As class began to wrap up and we assumed corpse pose for savasana, Marcy came around with another oil, this time with a vibrant scent, a citrus blend, I think. She warmed it between her palms, held the scented goodness over our faces to breathe in then shared on our temples, lobes and shoulders. It was quite lovely. Relaxed from savasana, but invigorated by the uplifting oil. I felt renewed! And it was only 7am.
I thanked Marcy and headed to the airport. 13 hours in Vegas. A little bit of gluttony and a little bit of bliss. Off I go to state 13, Arkansas. But not before bidding Las Vegas a fond adieu.  I'll be back... I always come back!

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