10 January 2015

Trip 1 {Planning} California {50 States of Yoga}


Tomorrow is my inaugural trip for my great adventure: 50 States of Yoga!  I feel like I am cheating a little, because my first state is California... and I live in California!  But I am trying to make it a true travel experience as I am flying from San Francisco to Palm Springs.  It is roughly 500 miles, or a 7 hour drive, between the two cities - so if will feel like I am in another state!  {Let's be honest... if I were back home in Boston and drove 500 miles in ANY direction, I'd be in another state... or another country! Haha.}

Palm Springs, CA - I've never been through this area before and am very excited, even though it will be a quick 24 hour trip.  I'm also super happy that my first trip will be shared.  That's right - a friend {and yoga teacher} is coming along too!  The plan is to get out and see the area on Monday, after our yoga class in Palm Springs.  I hope to drive along the Salton Sea and see some of the ruins from it's heyday when it rivaled Palm Springs.  I'm also excited to go to Niland and see Salvation Mountain.

Here's a video {narrated by John Waters} about the history of the area.  Fascinating!

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