14 August 2014

Thursday's Thought

"Live like a bubble
floating freely and without intention
because life, like a bubble, is fleeting."
~Danielle Schwartz

One of my goals in the past year has been to live wildly.  To live more freely.  When I got married 4 years ago, I settled down for the first time - ever.  I hadn't lived anywhere for a full year since I was 16.  I had lived in several different states and the Caribbean.  I was crazy independent and lived without permanence.  Once married, however, that nesting bug took over.  I acquired stuff.  I had matching things in my kitchen.  I owned furniture that wasn't free or found on the street {albeit I still "shop" the nice neighborhoods on garbage night!}.  I settled into my husband's apartment and lived there nearly 4 years before our recent move.

This was a beautiful feeling for me - being a {zodiac} Cancer - to grow roots.  But I felt like I had lost something else... I lost that ability to pack a suitcase and go.  And that scared me a little.  This past spring a friend ripped that feeling from me just when I needed it.  I took a quick trip to Barcelona in March and haven't looked back!  I'm still a nesting fool - especially since we moved in May and I have a clean slate for my creativity, but that wanderlust is back in me.

I wrote this quote a few weeks ago, while on Cape Cod with my sister.  I was on a little adventure.  And everything was perfect.  I was floating and free.  Being me.

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