03 August 2014

Cape Cod and New Experiences

My favorite ATC tower... Boston's Logan International Airport
I spent last weekend on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  If you're not familiar with the area, it's heavenly in the summer.  Beaches... lobsters and clams... baseball... and so much shopping!  The only downfall of Cape Cod is getting there.  There are 2 bridges on/off the cape and traffic can get very backed up.

I flew solo to Boston and my sister picked me up at the airport about 3:45p.  We went straight to the highway and didn't look back!  It took us 2.5 hours from Logan Airport to mid-cape - not too bad on a Friday evening.  We spent our first night with my niece and her boyfriend at their cottage.  They're cape residents.  We had an amazing, if not short lived, campfire that night.  We didn't have any real fire wood - but we did have an old papasan chair which burned just fine!

This is what happens to a naughty papasan chair on the cape!

On Saturday we did a ton of shopping in Hyannis.  I got a standard issue Cape Cod sweatshirt and an adorable pair of gold elephant earrings.  We stopped for lunch {lobstah roll!} and noticed a psychic shop next door.  What a perfect opportunity to challenge myself - with a new experience!  After lunch my niece and I had our palms read.  Let me clarify, I tend to be a bit skeptical about most things, but also entertain the ideas of possibilities beyond my understanding.  Do I think most storefront psychics are indeed psychic?  No.  But I was certainly surprised by my palm reading.  I kept my best poker face as the woman read the lines in my hand... described my personality... and gave vague ideas about who she suspected I was based on my left palm and my aura.  I wasn't totally impressed though until she got very specific.  So specific it freaked me out a little.  She gave a specific time reference, referred to a specific experience I had and then described what I had done to move beyond that experience in the months since.  Uh, what!?!  There's just no way anyone who had never met me before could have known such things.  In fact, after it happened I explained to my sister and niece what it was she was referencing... because they didn't know about it {I'm kind of private about certain things}.   Needless-to-say, I think she's legit.  The next time I am in Hyannis, I will be going back for a more complete reading.  I was quite impressed.

Cape Cod Psychic's Postcard

Elephants were EVERYWHERE this weekend on Cape Cod!

Saturday night we moved on to a condo in Yarmouth.  My mentor has timeshare there and offered it to us.  We had dinner with him and his wife at a little seafood spot called Jerry's.  Simple and casual, but delicious fried seafood and great prices.  My sister and I were going to catch a Cape Cod Baseball League game in Hyannis Saturday night, but were too tired from the day's activities and decided to hang out and chit chat.  We don't get to see each other as often as we would like to as we live on different coasts.

Parkers River in Yarmouth - behind the condo we stayed in.

Sunday morning my niece met back up with us and we headed to the Wellfleet Flea Market.  I found a few wonderful things there - a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law {that I can't tell you about in fear she'll find out!}, a couple of old, wooden dala horses for my kitchen and a beautiful bandanna with a hot pink, bohemian design on it.  We worked up a great appetite and headed to Arnold's on Route 6.  It's quite famous and always has a line.  I got a giant lobster roll {yes, my 2nd of the trip!} and decided to have another new experience... raw oysters!  My sister is schooled in the raw oyster business, so she was quite supportive during the event.  I smeared some cocktail sauce on mine and my niece prepared the video mode on her cell phone.  I won't bother sharing the video footage, as it was quite uneventful.  She thought I might make a nasty face, but really, I just swallowed the slippery bugger down and only tasted the cocktail sauce!  I will certainly give it a try again, but maybe next time I'll chew a little.

Lobster Roll #2 - at Arnold's on Route 6

Raw Bar at Arnold's

My first raw oyster!

Monday was our final day on the cape.  We headed off midday and avoided most of the traffic.  We stopped at one of my friend's homes that I hadn't seen in years and chatted for a couple of hours.  Then off to Logan Airport for me and back home to the city by the bay.  It was a quick weekend, but great to spend so much quality time with my sister.  I'll always say yes to a trip to Cape Cod.

Sagamore Bridge, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

{I did bring my new DSLR with me and I didn't use it once!  All of these photos are from my Instagram account.}

PS ~ I'm sharing this on National Sisters' Day - August 3rd!  Don't forget to tell your sister how much you love and appreciate her today!

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