13 June 2010

I can has ejamukashuns??

You may know that OVER 4 weeks ago now I interviewed for a job with Virgin America in San Francisco at their corporate headquarters. I miss working for Jet Blue so much and loved my job at their headquarters that I've been teetering back and forth between returning to the corporate aviation world or continuing on in college, getting a BA and becoming a teacher. I really would love to do - BOTH!

Well, I've yet to hear from Virgin (Ugh!) but I'm still crossing my fingers, as I would love to go back to work and the position I interviewed for and the people I interviewed with are freekin awesome.

I did not enroll in a summer session with school, partly because of money (I hate money.) and partly because it ends a week before the wedding and I didn't want to do that to myself!

But now I'm starting to really think about fall. What am I going to do? I wish Virgin would call me already, either way, so I at least knew if I'd have that awesomeness they call a job on my plate or not. If they do hire me, I still want to go part time in the fall, if they don't - Am I ready to commit to another semester??

I won't lie. This past semester I had 5 classes and 18 credits and honestly felt (right after midterms) that I should withdraw from two of my classes because I was so overwhelmed and didn't think I was going to pass either of them! Which, right now, I would sound ridiculous to mention that I just found out my grades for the semester - 4 As and 1 B. Yeah, the classes I thought I would fail I got an A and a B in! I admit that a lot of the stress I felt was my own fault. I'm a ridiculous procrastinator and, no doubt, my worst critic. I know I write well and therefore I wait till hours before class to write papers!

Anyway, I suppose not until I know either way from Virgin will I know what the autumnal harvest will bring me. Either way, I still have my ESL teaching gig, for now, so grateful will I be for that experience and patient will I be until my compass receives its heading.

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