12 November 2009

do one of these today.... i will too!

10 Ways to Make Your Day Meaningful

1. Get curious. As children we're full of wonder, excited to learn how things work. Tap into that excitement and immerse yourself in something new. Ask your coworker to explain her job. Buy a book about something that interests you, and devote an hour to reading.

2. Find the lesson in a difficult experience. You don't need to believe everything happens for a reason--you just need to find a way to learn and grow from each experience. How can your recent adversity make you a stronger, better person?

3. Reignite a passion. Sometimes as we get older, we shift our focus from things we love to do to things we need to do. Take a little time to reconnect with something you once loved--dance, ceramics, karate. Actually do what you love today, even if for just a short time.

4. Connect with someone new on a deeper level. Open up your heart, share yourself, and allow them to do the same. You never know when you may begin a relationship that enriches your life.

5. Be authentic. Sometimes we adapt who we are to please different audiences. Nothing leaves you feeling less connected to yourself. Mean what you say and say what you mean today. Who you actually are makes a difference.

6. Focus outward. It's easy to get wrapped up in yourself, particularly when you're stressing about finances or personal needs. Shifting your focus to the beauty outside--the changing seasons, new construction in your neighborhood, people who live and work near you--reminds you you're part of something larger.

7. Support your purpose. Not everyone works a job that aligns with their sense of purpose in life. That doesn't matter. If you feel you're biggest goal is to help other people, set aside an hour just for that pursuit. Answer questions on Yahoo! Answers. Ask people on Twitter how you can help them.

8. Ask your loved ones what matters to them. Most people have a sense of what their purpose is in life. Focus on someone else's meaning for a while, and you may feel even more connected to your own.

9. Take a step to create change. It's hard to feel passionate and purpose-driven when you feel trapped in a situation you don't like. You can't change everything overnight, but you can do one simple thing. Make a call. Request an application. Simply start today.

10. Reflect on where you've been and where you're going. A lot of people let life happen to them. They allow life's ups and downs to toss them around without making any conscious decision. Reconnect with what you really want, and evaluate whether or not you're headed there.

(ps-30 days today... go me!)

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