09 July 2015

Missouri {50 States of Yoga}

My last class of the trip was with KC Fitness Link in Kansas City, MO.  The class was held at Unity Temple on the Plaza.  The KC Fitness website had very specific directions, parking instructions, and building entrance information to get to the class.  I followed them to a T, found the class space in the basement of the building, and discovered that the class at 6pm no longer existed.  Panic!  It was like deja vu of my Kansas experience... grrr.

Fortunately, it was just a misunderstanding.  The class had been rescheduled from 6pm to 6:30pm.  Phew!  I was just very early.  The instructor, Michael, was already there.  He was subbing for both the 5:30pm and 6:30pm classes and hadn't had anyone show up for the 5:30pm class, so he was hanging around.
I took the time to talk with Michael for a little while.  I told him about my yoga travels and he told me about his desire to travel more.  We discussed some options that he could consider to work traveling into his career.  Then... we talked about tornados!  A tornado watch came across our smartphones for the area.  This was a first for me.  I was feeling fortunate that our class was in a basement of a large, brick building and that my rental car was safely in a multi-story garage.
Some time later other yogis showed up for the 6:30pm Gentle Yoga Basics.  And it was so gentle.  It was exactly what I needed after 3 challenging classes in 2 days.  It was slow.  It was simple.  Michael is a great teacher.  Receptive to the class's needs.  I'm glad Michael was subbing for this class.  I am also glad that a tornado did not materialize in Kansas City that night!

After class I went straight back to my hotel, set my alarm for 3am, and crashed.  I didn't do any sightseeing in Missouri.  I actually lived in KC, MO when I was 18 for a few months.  I tried to remember what neighborhood I lived in... what area I worked in... and it was all a blur to me.  All I kept thinking was thank goodness I had GPS this time around... and how on earth did I find my way around 20 years ago without it!?
That's it for this leg of 50 States of Yoga.
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