28 January 2015

Florida {50 States of Yoga}

As Courtney and I coasted across the border from Alabama on I-10, we kept an eye out for an exit, any exit, that had fuel.  Our gas tank was running on fumes.  We laughed and sighed and prayed that we would find gas soon.  Our worse fear was running out and missing our morning yoga class in Pensacola - throwing our tight schedule off kilter.  Fortunately, we were able to coast into a gas station not too far into the state of Florida and replenish our supply.  We continued down the highway and, before we knew it, were in Pensacola.

Our yoga class was held at Breathe Yoga and Wellness Center in Historic Pensacola.  Courtney and I got to the area a few minutes early and had the opportunity to walk around the historic area.  It reminded us of Shaker Village back home in Massachusetts quite a bit.  It was very quaint, quiet, and had loads of charm.  Historical homes, re-enactments, and a little store with books about the history of the area and doodads to remember your trip by.

On to our Gentle Yoga class at Breathe with Tara we went.  It was another packed class, which I admired.  I analyzed why these classes in areas that I had assumed wouldn't have been so busy were.  My part of the country is saturated with yoga studios - and so I feel that may be why classes in my area are never that full.  Perhaps because the interest in yoga is growing nationwide, but there aren't a lot of studios in the Gulf Coast area yet, the classes were quite full.  It doesn't matter, of course, I just like to figure things out.  Haha.

We set up our mats as a class helper walked around with lavender essential oil to share.  Again, I was surprised by this, but starting to enjoy the inclusion of other senses in my practice.  We settled in and Tara began guiding us through our poses.  I'm a novice yogi - I'm not terribly flexible; I have issues with my wrists; My balance sucks.  But I try.  And I love having teachers who are aware of all of the levels of yogis in their class and communicate with them all.  Tara is one of these teachers.  She was attentive throughout the class.  Towards the end she began introducing more of the spiritual side of yoga with a reading for us to ponder during shavasana.  A poem by Hafiz {shared below} that spoke to me, in that moment, in ways I could not have imagined.  Another beautiful yoga class on my journey of 50 yoga classes in 50 states.  I've truly been blessed and could not have imagined a more perfect class for me.

Courtney and I were done in Florida and had a several hour drive ahead of us back through Alabama and Mississippi to get to my last state on this trip - Louisiana.  So, without much ado, we settled back into the rental car and hit the open road once again - paying closer attention to the gas gauge.

Thanks for reading about my yoga journey through our beautiful country!  I'll continue to try to get to 4 or 5 states a month. Until then... please take a look at the other 3 states from this trip!


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Your Shape of Laughter
Let my words become like a skilled
Potter's hands,
Smoothing your life
With their knowledge,
Reaching into your tender core
And spreading you out
Like the morning
That leaps from the sun's amused wink
Onto hills, brows and the backs of so many
Beautiful laboring beasts.
God's duty is to make perfect
All your movements of mind, of limb,
And your ascending shape of laughter.
Watch the way my hands dance
With their diamond-edged brilliance
Cutting you open with music,
Reaching into your heart
And spilling the night sky-jar you carry
That is always full of giggling planets and stars.
My words are a divine potter's wheel.
If you stay near to me,
Stay near to me ---
And Hafiz will spin you into

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