30 October 2014

Bring on the Good Vibes!

After having spent so many months in a space filled with negative energy, I wanted to ensure we began our new adventure (in our yet to be named) house with the most amazing positive vibes possible!  And so... with a little bit of ritual before we began moving in on Monday, I blessed all of the rooms, spread as much positive energy as I had, and hoped for better things to come.

I started with a Hamsa.  A Hamsa (or the Hand of Fatima) is believed in many cultures to ward off the evil eye.  So what better place to use it's powerful abilities than right at the front door!  Hanging over our mailbox we have this gorgeous Hamsa protecting us for evils that might enter.

I then lit candles in a Himalayan Salt Crystal.  When the Himalayan Salt Crystal is warmed by the candle's flame it attracts humidity, accelerates evaporation, and produces negative ions which combat air pollutants.  Cleaner air!  Now that's a good thing!

Lastly, I lit a bundle of sage and walked among the rooms, swooshing the doorways, the windows, the corners - everything - saying prayers of good intentions, encouraging love and kindness and abundance in our new home.


What have you done in your home to create good intentions and spread positive energy?

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