04 July 2011

As our garden grows...

Last year, when I moved into Dave's apartment, his garden was a mess. Over grown with weeds, a mish-mash of random shrubs, a couple sad brugmansias and an overgrown juniper tree.

These first few photos are after Dave did some serious weeding to clean up the space in April, 2010.

Then, we decided to remove one of the brugmansias and the mishapen bush under our living room window, and begin our gardening experience. It started in September, 2010 with 13 English lavender bushes and a lemon tree our neighbors gave us as a wedding gift.

(That's Mr. Shudders keeping an eye on things.)

Of the original 13 English lavenders, only 10 survived the winter. Apparently, you're supposed to plant in the spring and summer, not the fall. We replaced the 3 lavender that were next to our front door with 3 dwarf agapanthuses (agapanthi?) that were a gift from our neighbor's garden in April.

In June, our landlord had the juniper tree removed, leaving us with an open canvas.

And... this past weekend, Dave has been tremendously busy! He installed a trellis, planted a passion flower vine and 3 more dwarf agapanthuses. The next day, he dug out the remaining brugmansia and planted 2 giant birds of paradise. FInally, yesterday he planted a row of 7 Spanish lavender, to create a border on our garden.

Dave has found a new passion, indeed. I'm very proud of the hardwork he's put into landscaping our small garden space. It's a world of difference from a year ago.

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