22 April 2011

Earth Day Extravaganza!

Happy Earth Day!

I've already "celebrated" Earth Day last week. My company, Virgin America, has a group called The Green Team that I am a member of. The Green Team, as you might imagine, is responsible for making green-minded improvements to our airline.

For Earth Day, every airport station across the US has volunteered to participate in a local event. Our event for San Francisco/Headquarters was last Saturday in partnership with the California State Parks Foundation. We planted in Candlestick Point Park and helped fill pots with soil at their urban garden.

From VX Green Team - Earth Day

From VX Green Team - Earth Day

From VX Green Team - Earth Day

Above is from the urban garden - great mural!

At home, Dave "recycled" some agapanthas from our neighbor's garden and re-planted them in ours. His part for Earth Day!

I'm also making a pledge for Earth Day, to begin using environmentally friendly/biodegradable products more consistently. I hate wasting, so I admit I'm not going to be tossing the windex and scrub'n bubbles - but when they're ready to be replaced, I will replace them with green goods.

Speaking of green goods... my favorite shampoo/conditioner has now gone "mostly" biodegradable! This makes me happy! Fructis now offers planet friendly options. Thanks Fructis!

...and to wrap up my Earth Day post, I'd like to make a PSA:

Lowe's is giving away free trees tomorrow!

So what's your excuse now for not being green for Earth Day?

Go get yourself a tree tomorrow and be green!

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