18 January 2011

$16 vs. $60 - The 6 inch chop.

I avoid getting haircuts.

I loathe spending money to get a haircut.

This is why I get them as infrequently as possible. Usually, less than 1 a year.

My haircut this past year, however, wasn't the usual chop-off-the-inches cut that I typically get, as I was about to get married and wanted some lovely locks in my photos. I spent $60 in July, to go to my usual stylist in the city, and get a lovely haircut. Do I like spending $60 for a haircut? Not a bit. But my hair stylist does absolutely wonderful things to my hair that I can't complain a bit.

So why did I get a $16 chop off this past weekend? Well, it's still within a year. My hair had gotten so long it was driving me insane. I couldn't fathom paying for another $60 haircut within the same year!

I rolled the dice. I went to a SuperCuts-type place, paid my $16 and got a 6 inch chop. That's it. She just cut straight across and knocked off 6 inches. I asked for long layers... she did some funky thing with her dulling shears that did not create any glorious layers. Not the kind I'm accustomed to by my $60 hair stylist, anyway.

It's been cut. The deed is done. I'm certainly not excited about my new 'do, but I have a year to grow it out and save $60 towards my next haircut. Which will most definitely be with my wonderful stylist in San Francisco.

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  1. I know what you mean. I don't like paying that much either but I also don't like not getting a good haircut. So it gets to be kind of a predicament doesn't it.Your right though it grows back out and we get another chance to get a better cut and style! I am new to your blog. Really like it.