19 February 2010

Bridal Brains!

i'm getting married.

dave proposed on january 3rd...
we set a date for august 7th...
and ever since
i have had bridal brains.

it's all i think about.
wedding crap.
i'm super excited
but super preoccupied.
and that's just lame.

i haven't blogged here in ages...
but i blog on my wedding blog constantly.
(no, you cant see it, its about the wedding.
i'd hate the spoil the surprise!)

i know two things.
i know i would like to lose some weight by august
(i'm a poundage seesaw.
i have been fluxing between 185 and 210
for a decade now...
and currently i'm at 210. not cool.)
and i know i enjoy blogging, and thus should.

i have come to the conclusion
that i can blog about by weight loss (personal) challenge
and that will hold me a bit accountable to myself.
i'm not going to join a gym.
it's a waste of money for me, i'll never go.
i'm going to ride my bike or walk 30 mins everyday.
(i do this on school days anyway, might as well do it everyday)
i'm going to become more conscious about portion control.
i'll never stop eating the food i love...
but if i stop eating twice as much as i need...
well, that should help.

i've noticed, too, on school days
(when i've had a good breakfast,
a couple pancakes, a hardboiled egg and a stringcheese or banana)
i'm not so hungry later in the day.
so first goal:
eat a good breakfast everyday.
(and get out of the house for 30 mins, too)

that said, it's 9am and all i've had is coffee so far...
i'm going to eat a good breakfast.
and i'm going to start being accountable (to myself)!


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