15 August 2009


i've been slacking.
not so much in life...
but in blogging.
spent a week in boston...
visiting family and friends.
had a really, really wonderful time.
hung out with a friend from portland, or.
good times...
realized my knowledge of boston history
is sorely lacking.
i'm going to work on that.
spent an evening with brian
and some of his friends...
wicked good time.
it was so nice to have convos with people my age.
i needed that a lot.
and, of course....
it was rad to see my family.
miss them more than i usually realize it.
anyway... all around good time.

over the weekend i spent saturday with anne.
that was amazing.
her twins are precious.
but makes me think...
i may really not want kids.
was very glad to see her though.
we met at a craft fair on mt sunapee.
great stuff at the fair...
i was looking for a pair of wooden hoop earrings..
but didnt see any.
i had seen a pair in quebec last month..
i should have gotten them then!

sunday i had coffee with a friend...
then met roger and sue for dinner.
that was good... i always feel good when i leave there.
they're amazing people.

when i got home from boston thurs night
i went a rotary penny sale in bristol with my family.
it was a million degrees in the middle school gym...
and well... full of the usual suspects.
as much as i love rural living...
i dont know where all the cool cats are.
there has got to be a place with people like me in it...
i just have yet to find that here.
after the sale i went to meet a friend
to watch the tail end of a meteor shower.
we drove up a scenic highway...
put some blankets in the back of his pick-up
and watched for shooting stars.
it was pretty amazing.
we only saw a few, before the fog rolled in.
but the conversation was delightful.
on the drive home i saw a couple large male deer
close to the side of the road...
scared the carp out of me!
i didnt need any caffeine for the rest of that drive...
the adrenaline from the near encounter was enough!

yesterday i didnt get a whole lot of sleep...
went to the gym in the morning...
then sat out in the sun.
it was hot! real hot.
i wasn't out for too long.
i went to the farm stand with my mom...
got a couple giant zucchinis...
going to attempt to make zucchini relish.
wish me luck!

today i went to concord...
my bank is there
i had to put my checks in the bank.
its going to take 9 days for them to clear!
that doesnt make any sense to me.
one is a govt check!
i then went to borders and browsed.
cant browse without buying...
i love books.
i bought a philip k. dick book...
a book about a catholic anomaly traveling circus
(that sounds weird, but it looks weird!
its a not a true story though.)
and a book about surfing buddha.
looks good...
also got a couple books at a yard sale
on the way home...
travels with charley - john steinbeck
and a natural healing encyclopedia.
yay. books.

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