31 May 2009

road less traveled....

i'd like to think i've taken the roads less traveled.
but here i am...
on a journey home.
a journey we all take.
at least i feel its not with my tail between my legs.
at least i feel some dignity.
at least i am proud of who i am.

i have many things i need to get into order.
many facets of myself i need to organize and adjust.
i do believe this could be the summer to do that.
i do believe this is my summer to make all of those differences.

i've got a list of things i want to do/be...
be sober.
don't eat meat.
do no harm.
practice zazen daily.
exercise daily.
read daily.
learn spanish.
relearn english grammar.
save money.
be grateful.
be generous.
be kind.
write creatively.
paint with oils.
take photographs.

of course there are more things....
there will always be more things.
and i will fuck these things up too.
but going home.
moving home.
i think that will help me to refocus.
help me to find a center.
i do believe that once i find that center...
everything else will fall into place around me.

here's to roads less traveled....
and the roads we all travel too.

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